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Technology, Media and Telecomms

NIELSEN lawyers have rich experience in  modern technologies, namely in information technologies and telecommunications, internet business, and other online activities.

In the area of modern technologies, we provide services to clients wishing to protect their investments as well as to supplying companies building long-term relationships with their customers. Use of modern technologies in business gives rise to a number of legal questions in terms of regulation (protection of personal data, internet advertising, and online gaming), internal company matters (protection of know-how and intellectual property rights andemployment aspects), business matters (fair performance acceptance rules, copyright and licences, international legal relations, Service Level Agreements - SLA, etc.) and the latest phenomena in the form of new IT business models (Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, and nbsp;Virtualisation).

In Media Law, we provide legal support and advice to periodical publishers, broadcast operators, media monitoring agencies, and other media market participants. In addition to regulatory matters (broadcasting, advertising, lotteries, and public contests), we provide consultancy services in respect of proper employment arrangements, relationships with external providers and copyright and other related rights. We advise our clients on the protection of personal rights and company reputation and focus on the issue of internet media. 

In telecommunications, we provide legal support with respect to equipment deliveries, e-communication services, andrelations with market regulators (telecommunications office, antimonopoly office, etc.).