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Pharmacy and Medical Law

NIELSEN MEINL law firm provides comprehensive legal advice for pharmaceutical companies. Since the pharmaceutical business as such is subject to stringent regulation on both national and EU level, we also provide our clients with advice in all the fields of their day-to-day activity. We offer advice and cooperation specifically in respect of registration and deregistration of pharmaceuticals, reference pricing of medicinal products, advertisement and promotion of medicinal products as well as our clients' cooperation with third parties such as distributors of pharmaceuticals, health centres, state bodies or industry stakeholders. We further provide legal advice pertaining to waste management in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries clients come across. We also represent clients during negotiations with the respective institutions.

In the area of medical law, NIELSEN MEINL law firm provides legal advice for physicians, health centres and patients. Our legal team has experience representing in judicial disputes over compensation for bodily injury, specifically on the part of  the health centres as well as the patients. As a matter of course, we represent clients in administrative proceedings in the health industry.