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Business Contracts and Transactions

As the importance of proper setting of project contractual arrangements, identification of potential risks, and use of risk minimisation tools is always revealed when the project gets into an unexpected situation, no business transaction can be successfully planned unless a thorough analysis of its legal aspects is made.

We, at NIELSEN, provide our clients with legal support and advice ranging from project planning in terms of legal aspects and risk identification and minimisation options to contractual arrangements and negotiation of contractual terms and conditions of company business transactions, mergers, acquisitions and other projects.

Reaching the stage of contract execution is not considered a final point - we support our clients also in addressing traditional and non-standard situations with a focus on potential dispute resolution. We aim at assisting our clients in completing their projects successfully and, where necessary, we help our clients to have their statutory interests protected at their project completion stage and agreements on mutual settlement reached.

Helping our clients to enhance the efficiency of their business activities, we also provide a set ofcontract templates and standard business terms and conditions together with employee training sessions and relevant instructions for use by our clients' sales managers and vendors. The need of business entities for legal review of contracts and agreements that they execute on a daily basis is thus minimised whilst their confidence in terms of  achieving proper legal customer relations is reached.

By providing legal support and advice to our clients on their business transactions, we additionally focus on addressing Competition Law issues such as dealings with market regulators, addressing unfair competition, etc.