We entered the ITS&S

NIELSEN Law Firm became the member of the Intelligent Transport Systems & Services Association, a prestigious association of firms active in the area of telematics systems.

The main aim of ITS&S is through an active co-ordination to speed up the progress of transport telematics in road, railway, water and air transport and through this to bring technical, economical and ecologic benefits for the country and the association members.

For NIELSEN Law Firm, ITS&S is an interesting platform, especially as IT and telecomms in transport represent a highly prospective industry from the long-term perspective, whose importance has (hopefully) already been recognised also by the public sector.

"Telematics is by no means merely about the toll. Several projects belong here focused on security and effectiveness of transport. The eCall project of the EU may serve as an example. These projects are closely connected with the supplier-customer issues, such as license relationships, defect liability, or even personal data and privacy protection. These are the areas of a huge interest to us, which we focus on intensively," says Tomas Nielsen, partner of the firm.