Nielsen Meinl Supports Open House Praha

A proud partner of the capital-wide annual festival of architecture Open House Praha, Nielsen Meinl has just received the festival’s Final Report. What a pleasant and interesting reading! Nielsen Meinl is pleased to have supported the festival organisers and volunteers in their remarkable effort to open iconic buildings and sites across the capital to the public. This year, namely on 13-14 May, the festival welcomed over 43 thousand visitors (!) exploring as many as 43 Prague buildings including the glass dome of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Libeň gasholder, Thomayer Hospital fallout shelter, Winternitz Villa, House of Fashion, and many others.

We got captivated by the festival’s main idea to give people a chance, albeit over one weekend in a year, to explore notable buildings in the capital that are otherwise inaccessible to the public. Just as the festival organisers, we are of the opinion that a meaningful relationship with the place of our abode can be built and strengthened if we get to know the places we usually just pass by,” Tomáš Nielsen explains the reason why Nielsen Meinl decided to provide free legal services to the festival, adding: “As a proud partner of Open House Praha, we are ready to further continue our support and co-operate with the festival also in the future.”