Legal Aspects of E-Business at iCollege

Taking part for the sixth time in the iCollege educational programme, Tomáš Nielsen met a community of students, young entrepreneurs and other parties interested in e-business to discuss the related legal aspects as well as other interrelated issues such as company establishment, internal organisation of companies, contract drafting and adjustments implied by the New Civil Code and Business Corporations Act and specifics of e-transactions. At the half-day workshop, the students further discussed also the issues of copyright, protection of personal data and privacy, data security, etc.

Divided into four blocks – business & management, technologies & business tools, personal development & presentation skills, marketing & social media – the semi-annual iCollege educational programme is lectured by e-experts and other professionals such as Petr Koubský, Ondřej Bartoš, Michal Illich, Oldřich Neuberger, Michal Bláha and other along with visiting lecturers such as Taťána Le Moigne (Google), Jan Barta, Ondřej Fryc (MALL.CZ), Dušan Šenkypl ( and Andrej Kiska ml. (Credo Ventures). The new educational sessions start in autumn 2015 – for more information about the programme, please visit