Tomáš Nielsen Debates GDPR in E-Commerce

On Tuesday, 17 October 2017, organised yet another professional debate on GDPR in e-mail marketing. Held at the French Institute in Prague, the debate was attended mostly by e-shop owners, chief marketing officers, e-mail specialists and general public alike seeking practical advice and expertise regarding the GDPR implementation in e-commerce.

Tackling the issue, the attending experts and professionals discussed specific personal data protection questions such as: how the legacy databases need to be reviewed? which contact information qualifies for protection under the approved EU regulation and which not? how to set correctly the process of collecting new data in recruiting new customers? when to seek data-storage consent? how the process maps and other plans for audit be constructed?

As commented by Tomáš Nielsen: “There is a lot of myths circulating about GDPR leaving the business people petrified; particularly in online business where the regulation itself and high fines introduced thereby are relatively feared. It is thus noteworthy that the practical aspects of this regulation and related exemptions be discussed and so be the ways to eliminate or mitigate the risk of being held liable for data security breaches and minimise the breach-related consequences (if any). Besides, timely adjustment of GDPR-consistent internal processes can bring competitive advantage to businesses.”