Tomáš Nielsen at SCADA Security Conference 2017

On 12-13 October 2017, Prague hosted SCADA Security Conference 2017. Focused on cyber security of industrial control systems (ICS), the conference saw discussions on current cyber threats, new technology trends in ICS security, industrial cyber security (Industry 4.0), and other issues.

Drawing attention to the rising targeted cyber-attacks launched against the key industrial control systems, the conference participants discussed whether and to what extent the businesses are ready to face and combat such risks.

Attending the Cyber Security & Human Factor conference session, Tomáš Nielsen gave a paper on legal liability of entrepreneurs in case of cyber-attacks. “It is interesting that while security is one of the key issues in traditional information technologies, it is rather neglected in OT. Yet, cyber-attacks launched against SCADA systems monitoring and controlling important industrial and technological processes can cause significant harm to the organisations and government alike,” said T. Nielsen. “Managing directors and board members should bear in mind that they can be held liable for such harm. Cyber-attacks can be prevented – if companies adopt clear measures: analyse the company assets and threats faced, set internal processes and security mechanisms, instruct and train company employees and monitor the compliance with the set rules. Although a cyber-attack cannot be completely eliminated, its consequences can be mitigated – also in legal terms.”

Attended by Czech experts and security, university and state administration representatives, the conference further welcomed also experts from Germany, Estonia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.