Nielsen Meinl Attended Cloud Privacy Check Conference at Vienna

On 24-26 November 2017, Vienna hosted a conference organised by the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) platform. Uniting legal professionals of 33 European countries, CPC intends to elucidate the topic of data protection in the cloud across the CPC project participating countries with a focus on regional differences regulated by national laws, search for more general data protection principles to apply also in other industries and thus provide a basic guideline to businesses involved in cross-border activities. The Czech Republic has been represented in the project since the beginning of 2016; by Nielsen Meinl – a leading legal expert on cloud services and data protection legal issues.

In a less competitive environment compared, for instance, to that seen in the United States, the regional differences regulated by national data protection laws can cause significant problems to cloud service providers and users alike. Aiming to remove the said competitive disadvantage, the CPC project intends to provide the interested parties with a simple tool to find their way through the plethora of existing regulations,” explains Tomáš Nielsen.

At present, the platform focuses on data protection changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and legal integration of the same at the level of CPC project participating countries.