IS2: Information Security Summit on Biggest Cyberthreats

Discussing the issues of ransomware and similar threats, fight against terrorist propaganda, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and many other, this year’s prestigious International Conference on Information Security (IS2 Information Security Summit) welcomed a number of conference speakers including Tomáš Nielsen of NIELSEN MEINL.

In his presentation given in the conference section dedicated to GDPR, T. Nielsen focused on responsibilities of companies for IT systems breached with zero-day attack. As explained by T. Nielsen: “Zero-day attacks, that is, threats exploiting a bug unknown to and not yet fixed by the software developer are dangerous in particular in terms of a user’s inability to affect the process of fixing the bug whatsoever; and further because the threat caused by such attacks can last days or even weeks. Moreover, the intensity of attacks cannot be predicted, either.” As pointed out in the presentation, companies may be held civilly or criminally responsible in such circumstances – for instance, for the misused personal data or infringed copyright. Recommendations as how to set up proper internal functioning of companies in order to mitigate the risks were given: “The data worked with and used by a company should be classified based on the importance they have to the company and company’s activities; and further by the related data-regulation level. A realistic data protection emergency plan appropriate to the company’s size and risk levels should then be drawn up and put in place. If, in the event of a breach, the company is able to prove that is has taken every measure feasible to prevent the breach, it will more likely be released from its responsibility; and will pay a penalty (if any) imposed on the company by the administrative authorities with reference to its conduct before and after the attack.” Before taking part in the GDPR discussion panel, T. Nielsen also tackled the responsibility of corporate governing bodies as well as the corporate criminal responsibility and liability under GDPR coming into effect next year.

Held under the auspices of Věra Jourová (European Commissioner), Bohuslav Sobotka (Czech Prime Minister), Martin Stropnický (Czech Minister of Defence), Lubomír Zaorálek (Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs), Karla Šlechtová (Czech Minister of Regional Development) and other prominent figures, this year’s conference welcomed a number of world-renowned experts including, for instance: Jeff Bardin (Chief Intelligence Officer, Treadstone71), Sean Costigan (Senior Adviser, NATO) and Jan Ellermann (Senior Specialist, Europol).

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