Data Protection Law Made Simpler

Understanding of complexity of current European data protection laws and regulations is already difficult enough for an IT engineer, buyer, or business user. In combination with the often small but nevertheless significant differences between various EU member states, however, it can become an almost unsurmountable challenge without proper legal accompaniment from the very start.


Because of that Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (EuroCloud) initiated the creation of the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC), the largest European information platform explaining data protection laws in the simplest possible terms and free of charge. Tomas Nielsen and Ivana Nemcekova from NIELSEN MEINL Law Firm together with lawyers from 32 countries participated in the CPC that makes 32 different national regulations directly comparable and allows companies to save thousands of Euros. The purpose of the CPC is to determine actions from a data protection perspective on the basis of four simple tests. For more information see the website