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Compliance & AML Centre

NIELSEN MEINL law firm provides its foreign clients with support in establishing Czech presence. As such, it helps the companies and individual establish relations with relevant bodies, including banks and other financial institutions. Crucial part of the service consists in sophisticated support in the area of compliance, anti-money laundering procedures, training, audits and certification.

The Story

Business becomes global. We have used to it. Each morning we start with a coffee brought from different part of the world.

We call a friend or a colleague by phone, which was designed in one country, produced in another country, and used in other parts of the world.

On the way to work we take a bus, or a train, or a plane, which contains parts, produced in different places and under different jurisdictions.

In our own business we communicate, negotiate and trade with different companies from different countries.

But globalization goes far beyond business. Sometimes it even brings crimes and corruption. And you cannot be sure about what really is on the other side, you can never feel safe and protected from what is on the tail, unless you are well-prepared.

Some sectors of industry, because of their nature or the geographical location, or the type of transaction involved, are considered to be more exposed to illegal activities than others.

At the same time, your activities undertaken in advanced countries are likely to be subject of higher degree of control, investigation and consideration. Complex schemes of ownership, usage of multiple jurisdictions and tax regimes, offshore structures, nominees, trusts and investment funds… the list is endless, as well as the dangers.

White-collar crimes go global, as the measures to fight with them.

Powerful jurisdictions implement laws, which can go over the border in the pursuit of crimes.


Our task is to help you to establish the safeguards, which will keep you safe in the global world.

We can start from the due diligence and risk assessment for your company, where we’ll examine in the smallest details business and the processes in your company. In the outcome, you’ll have your own map of the risks you have.

We can go further and develop the anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies for you company based on revealed risks.

You cannot prevent some of your business partners from engaging in “shadow” schemes and activities, especially, if they are over the ocean, but you can protect your business.

Preparation is the mother of success.

It’s a good basis for defense if you can show you had adequate procedures to prevent corruption and bribery, or if you can show, that you check your partners and origin of assets you are working with.

In the outcome, you’ll have revised business processes, educated and trained staff to protect your business and detailed examination report.

It is important. Not only to you. Sometimes, it’s more important to your partners to be sure, that you are protected. And thus, they are.

You’ll be able to show to the world and to your partners that you have:

  1. Proportionate procedures to the risks you face, and the nature, scale and complexity or your activities.
  2. Top level commitment to anti-corruption, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering culture.
  3. Risk assessment.
  4. Regular and appropriate due diligence of the transactions, business operations and partners.
  5. Trained and educated staff.
  6. Monitoring procedures, regular reviews and evaluations of implemented policies.

We'll help you to become global.