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Ivana Nemčeková Succeeds in the Lawyer of the Year Competition

Ivana Nemčeková succeeded in the Lawyer of the Year competition organised by the Czech Bar Association and EPRAVO.CZ. Ranked third in the Talent of the Year category for her essay on the concurrence of offices, Ivana Nemčeková received the award at the gala ceremony alongside the prominent legal figures such as Lenka Bradáčová (Attorney General), Ladislav Muzikář (Judge of Prague Municipal Court) and Iva Brožová (former President of Supreme Court being inducted into the Hall of Fame).

“My essay focuses on company authorised representatives performing their office under a service agreement and simultaneously performing identical tasks as company employees under a contract of employment,” says Ivana Nemčeková. “My essay was triggered by (and largely pursues) the recent judgment of the Czech Constitutional Court seen as a turning point in this area also as regards the recodification. Furthermore, the issue of concurrent offices ranks among the most common issues addressed by my clients.”

A graduate from the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague, Ivana Nemčeková joined NIELSEN MEINL in 2014 as a specialist in corporate law, ICT law, protection of personal data and intellectual property law.


Ivana Nemčeková (second from the left) recognised with the Talent of the Year award presented by the Czech Minister of Justice.